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How To Seriously Kick-Start Your Wellbeing With Flowers! with Philomena Kwok

October 14, 2016

How To Seriously Kick-Start Your Wellbeing With Flowers! with Philomena Kwok

Why hey there gorgeous. If you’re here then you’re already all over why you’ve gotta prioritise pleasure and take the occasional time out, so it’s nothing we need to wax lyrical about.

So instead let’s talk flowers! Why they’re an amazing self-care practice and how with just the smallest bit of effort they can help increase your happiness and pleasure by the bucketload!

Flowers are truly nature’s little miracles. They’re an expression of life in all its vibrancy, a sign of renewal, and just damn downright beautiful.

Having fresh flowers around you, whether at home, or on your desk at work, brings you little moments of joy, connection to nature and forces you to be in the present, when a bright petal catches your eye, or you get a whiff of their delicious fragrance.

Yes, they don’t last forever and that momentary beauty makes them even more special. You experience their beauty right at the moment and they pass in and out of your life, leaving behind only happiness and a greater sense of wellbeing – not something you can always say about your latest fast fashion purchase.

So I thought I’d share a couple of my favourite tips on how to get the most out of your flowers and create your own floral sanctuary.

Break it down

Rather than just throw all of your flowers into one big vase for your coffee table or hall, focus on the moments in your day you could brighten up with flowers. Here are a couple of my favourite spots:

  • Pop a couple of blooms in a jar to beautify your bathroom (make brushing your teeth and drying your hair not a chore!)
  • Choose a few fragrant blooms for your bedside table so you fall asleep and wake up to a beautiful scent
  • Add some flowers to your breakfast table or desk so you can be present and enjoy the moment, even when you’re having a quick meal – rather than falling into an easy Instagram/Facebook zombie state

    Have a bath

    A petal bath is not only feels insanely luxurious but is a great way to use flowers that are wilting or on their way out. Why not make a ritual of it? In fact, we’re such big fans of an easy petal bath, we got together with the RY team and put together a quick video tutorial, just for you!

    Make a petal mandala

    Just like colouring, a petal mandala is a beautiful mindful activity that I totally recommend! Slip into easy concentration and pull apart flowers, leaves and petals pieces to make beautiful repeating mandalas. Also a gorgeous touch for a guest bedroom, and easily swept or vacuumed away. Check out our tutorial here – https://www.bloomboxco.com/feature/how-to-fresh-flower-mandala/

    And if mandalas aren’t your vibe, try a fun and creative flower portrait for a fun spin on it.

    Get creative

    Nothing gives your wellbeing a boost like getting in touch with your creative spirit, and flowers are the perfect vehicle for getting your DIY on. So scour YouTube and Pinterest for beautiful creative arrangements and flower projects, or freestyle it your way. Pull out some scissors and get creative beautiful bohemian flower crowns, cute floral wall hangings or try your hand at recreating a Dutch Masters painting in real life!

    Share the love

    If you’re feeling the love – self love that is – then you know you need share it around with the women in your life! If you get into the habit of buying yourself some flowers, split your bunch and make up simple tiny posies for your colleagues, mum, sister or neighbour. Two blooms in a jam jar can truly make someone’s day, so why not give it go!

    Do you want to make your life beautiful with flowers? For Retreat Yourself readers and customers we’re offering you $15 off your first box or any prepaid subscription! (you can pause or cancel an ongoing subscription at any time!) Just enter RETREAT15 at the checkout.

    About Philomena Kwok: I’m a DIY addict and help women explore their creativity through flowers. I’m the co-founder of BLOOMBOX CO, a flower delivery service that makes having flowers in your home or at your event (without a florist!) fun and easy. G

    et in touch with us at hello@bloomboxco.com Or just say hello on Instagram at @bloomboxco

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