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Prepare to feel WONDERFUL with a health retreat in a box delivered to your door every 3 months, created to educate and inspire you to live your healthiest, happiest & most fulfilled life.

By subscribing you'll join our wonderful community of strong, beautiful & like-minded women who are also on their journey to wellness.

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FREE SHIPPING + OVER $200 of natural & organic full sized products in every box. ALL FOR ONLY...

  • Feel nourished, beautiful and inspired with up to $200 worth of natural & organic nourishing goodies delivered to your door every 3 months. Reminding you to slow down, be healthy & feel beautiful from the inside out!

    You receive:

    • New Retreat Yourself Box every 3 months, starting with the Spring 2018 box
    • Billed quarterly or yearly (recurring)
    • Each box contains $200 of health and beauty products, a RY Wellness Mag, and a Retreat Day Plan
    • Become part of our RY Community where we share special discounts, deals and so much info to allow you to continue to thrive!
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    YEARLY PAYMENTS: You will be charged today and your next charge will be on May 22nd 2020 (after receiving 4 boxes). You will be charged yearly after that, and can cancel at anytime.
    • Billed 3 monthly or yearly (recurring)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 251 reviews
The best retreat in years

I would like to start by saying thank you . Thank you to the incredible women behind this life changing idea, who would have thought that a box with products inside would create such an over whelming change in ones life . I have spent so many years worrying about others in my life making sure they are well, fed, clothed, heathy, supported ect. That I never stopped to look at myself and my well being . I felt tired emotionally drained and un loved as I wasn’t getting anything back from all the love and support I was oozing our to others and my family . Until a couple of months ago I was Aimlessly looking through Instagram and came across and add for the retreat yourself box . I clicked on the link read what the team was wanting to achieve by producing a box of healthy sustainable cruelty free goodies and it was at that very moment a light bulb moment happened and I realised I hadn’t been putting myself first for years and years so I signed up paid and waited excitedly for my box to arrive. Fast forward to delivery day and the postman walked into my work and delivered me my box the box that was already changing my life . I was so excited to open it and once I did I had this over whelming sigh of relief come over me like yes Lisa now it’s your time now it’s your turn to retreat your self to show your self love and take time out for you ! And there will be no turning back this little box of incredible goodies has done more for me than I thought it could ever do and to have the support of other incredible wildly amazing women be on the same journey makes me so empowered and happy to know I’m not alone . The products are nourishing and cruelty free so you don’t have to feel guilty for our furry friends the variety and quality far out weighs its self .. thank you thank you thank you for making me realise it’s ok to stop and love your self once in a while my retreat day was perfect and I feel so refreshed and ready for the next steps of the week until the next retreat...

A little box of heaven!

I have only received two Retreat Yourself boxes, and yet I am absolutely hooked!
The products inside are of such high quality and so far, there hasn’t been one thing I haven’t used.
If you are looking for a way to treat yourself, get a little me time or just have something fun and practical delivered to your door - this is it. I recommend signing up, today.

A Winter Life Saver

Perfect mix of products for winter. I was getting a cold the day it arrived so the soup and sinus aromatherapy were serendipitous!

Winter Stars

My first Winter box & wow! I always find that these boxes have a little something for everyone which makes it great for sharing. Creating a wholesome experience or journey as such. Could have used a touch more variety, I understand the means behind all the food products being in the Winter box. However, without the variety the fun of exploring all the new products was short lived. The RY community is amazing none the less though, a good thing here & I love it!

Perfect way for busy mums to have some regular self care

I received my first Retreat Yourself box recently as a mother’s day gift. It couldn’t have come soon enough. I was feeling so burnt out from working with disadvantaged children as a teacher and then coming home to care for my own family. The Retreat Yourself box gives me the opportunity to take a few minutes each day, just for myself. Whether it is a yummy treat for dessert, a facial or hair treatment, or reflecting on my life, every item in the box was such a treat. These little moments each day have rejuvenated and reenergised me, I’m no longer trying to pour from an empty cup. My family and my students are both benefitting from the little jump in my step. Thank you! I’d highly recommend these boxes.