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Amazing surprises

I love receiving my boxes and the Wellness reset pack. I look forward to the thoughtful gifts inside and inspirations to do better for myself in areas of life. I have cancelled other subscription boxes, so I can continue with the Retreat Yourself boxes. Keep up the fantastic surprises each season.

The Perfect Me Time Box

I was blown away with my Retreat Yourself Box. It was as if the box was curated just for me with everything being the perfect product for taking care of my body, mind and soul. I couldn't be happier or highly recommend enough the Retreat Yourself Box. It's so worth it you'll thank yourself.

Life Saving Reset!

Just what I need right now. After losing my job, and suffering from a traumatic heartbreak, this 8 week Wellness Reset is helping me find myself again. It’s helping me fall in love with myself and life which is something I have always struggled with. I’m only at the beginning of this journey and it’s already made such a difference to my outlook on life. It’s helped me find a purpose and new thirst for this life I have been blessed with. Cannot recommend this 8 week reset enough! A huge thank you to Kate and the RY team for creating this amazing journey to help people like myself. It really has saved me xx

Best Thing I've Done for Myself in the Time of Pandemic

We all had it tough in different levels for different reasons. There's only so much that other people can do to help but this 8-Week Wellness Reset Program is what I needed during these tough times. It empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being. It doesn't only tackle health and nutrition but touched on the 10 pillars of wellness, which a lot of people actually take for granted. The tools provided were excellent to aid into achieving all the goals and mini-goals set. The access to the Facebook community was great support group, it's lovely to communicate with people who share the same journey to total wellness. This is something I would highly recommend for everyone to partake on. Amazing job to the team who made this happen - you're making a huge difference in people's lives.

Best program ever!

I love the 8 week reset. It has been so nice to focus on small achievable goals. The whole approach of the 10 pillars has really opened my eyes to how total wellness is supposed to work. It was really helped me focus on positive things and make really good changes everyday to improve how I feel. Cannot recommend this enough.