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All reviews below are from real and genuine customers of Retreat Yourself. We appreciate honest reviews, positive and 'constructive' and value the time our customers take to provide this important feedback.
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Great idea to keep up with new and improved products. I LOVE any new brands that promote healthy and natural options. Great surprises in every box. Thankyou.

Marvellous mystery box!

I loved my box.. loved my trial sizes of rememdy - both items were great to try .. the turmeric was great tasty!
The bath soak was divine

Xmas in a box

Loved it. This was given to me as an early xmas present and the box was an xmas present by itself. With so many different products to try. Loved it ❤

Limited Release Mystery Box

fave thing to receive in the mail

i love it because you legit never know what you’re going to get, makes it so exciting and also that everything is health and fitness based which i’m all about

First Box Impressions

I love the box itself, simple but beautiful and I like that you can re-use it. The products were all pretty good. The product guide is very handy and the self care planner is a wonderful idea.

Gifting a Mystery Box to a friend!

This was a wonderful gift to give! And it was received with much excitement and delight!
The magic of Mystery Box made everyone happy!
I would gift one again in a heart-beat!
Thank you xx

Love a little time out in my mailbox

It is lovely to receive a little timeout reminder in the mail. So excited to sign up to this. Loved my first box, with some goodies like hot chocolate and yummy snacks to make up brushes and collagen booster (finally one that doesn't taste ferral)! Can't wait for my next time out! 😍

Retreating myself

I love receiving my Retreat Yourself box. I have purchased 5 different ones now and each time they are jammed packed full of useful, high quality products. I have discovered products and brands that I will continue to use now and really enjoyed having a reason to take some time out for me :).


I am so thankful that I came across Retreat Yourself. I recently joined the 8 week wellness reset and it's encouraging me to not only change my lifestyle for the next 8 weeks, but for the rest of my life. Retreat Yourself is an inspirational company that motivates you to live your best life! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who's wanting to make a positive change.

Loved it

What can possibly be better than a seasonal Retreat Yourself box? An inbetween seasons Mystery Box is what. This is a smaller version of the regular box and I got some fantastic full sized goodies that I’m really loving. Thank you RY!

Amazing purchase for myself!

Recently I purchased the mystery box from Retreat Yourself. I absolutely loved all the variety of health, beauty, mindfulness and zen products in the box. This gift to myself was a much needed reminder to take time out for myself, and be present in the moment. Thank you Retreat Yourself for the spectacular service you provide :) xoxo

SURPRISES of Delciousness!

I ordered my first mystery box and I was going to give it to someone but kept it for myself it was that good! The contents were packed with goodness and couldn’t have arrived at a better time, it was like a blessing I didn’t know I needed! 😍 highly recommend.

Special treats in a box!

I bought Retreat Yourself boxes for my teenage daughter and niece. They were full of surprises and very well received!

LOVED the box

The box was such amazing value for money - there was a number of things in there that I personally wouldn't use - but will be great for gifts coming up to Christmas. Introduced me to some brands I'd not heard of. My FAVOURITE was the retreat sheet telling you what things you could do for self care under the different pillars - honestly I feel that ALONE was worth the money.


Just what I need at this stage of my life. Thank you guys. Xx

Mystery box Magic !!

I'm simply on love with all of it.... first the excitement of not knowing what's in it.. feels like it's my birthday and I'm opening my gift. The products were all amazing . I really loved the set if brushes , they are really good quality. The collagen alone is worth $40. This book is really great value. I've had great joy unboxing it and every single products has been a delight to try.
Thank you . I'm a really great convinced customer.

Beautiful treats to come home to after a busy day.

Good quality and useful products presented in such a therapeutic and fun way.

It’s the gift that just keeps on giving!

Whether it’s beauty discoveries or foodies wonders, the retreat box provides luxurious new adventures to improve one’s overall well-being!

Mystery Box

This is the second mystery box I have been lucky enough to receive. Amazing and exciting to open and see all the goodies. Loved it.

Box full of love

I’m so grateful for my retreat box, I’ve been challenged with Lyme disease and severe arthritis for 4 years now and it’s hard to get out so when I came across your amazing box full of full sized samples of pure goodness I was so happy, I also purchased your mystery box for my daughter it was full of so many beautiful natural products she loved the makeup brush set, it’s not often you can get so many things that you actually can use them all, well I did so can everyone such a good natural variety I’m already going to order some of the products for future use, it’s kind of like getting a catalogue of all your favourite skin products , healthy treats, oils etc to try in a full size and a daily diary of health routines all together I’m so blessed to enjoy them thank you so much can’t wait for my summer box you guys are amazing sending love and light ⭐️

Mystery box

Super great gifts in full sizes and helpful hints to obtain that change for a great outcome... loving it! Also great as a gift that puts a smile on someone's face!!

Retreat in a box!

Wonderful selection of well being treats for body, mind and spirit!

Magnificent Mystery

I loved the Mystery Box and I was pleasantly surprised with the range of products that where in there. It’s a great way to try new products that I wouldn’t have usually purchased and there will definitely be a few that I’ll buy again. Great value for money and such a good idea for a gift too.

Mystery Box

The products included in the mystery box were amazing!
I've recently started using the hair mask included in the last box and my hair has never felt better.
It's great that the box includes products that are full sized rather than sample.
Can't wait to purchase the summer box!