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Review for 8 Week Wellness Reset

The 8 Week Wellness Reset has been an amazing process that I have really benefited from. Easy to follow and great support.
I would love the chance to win a year subscription.

Retreat yourself

The name says it all. Retreat yourself anytime at home. I love trying out products I wouldn’t normally buy. Things that I have tried and love this month is the detox spray and the simply detox face serum. Soo good.
I feel like I’m finally taking some time to look after myself and I don’t need to be away from my family to do it.

Exactly what I needed!

An amazing surprise mixture of so many different things I never knew I wanted or needed. The ultimate treat yourself move :)

Great surprise box

This was my first box and I was overjoyed to open it and see all the wonderful items. A great opportunity to try products I wouldn't normally purchase. Loved my mystery box

Mystery Box Heaven

I bought the mystery box as a treat for myself and was so surprised by the wonderful aray of skincare and all natural health products, I felt like I had my own personal day spa in a box. I was so impressed I bought another two boxes, one for my darling daughter and another for a good friend for her birthday.

Love in a box!!

I’ve never purchased a Retreat Yourself Box nor a Mystery Box. To say I was incredibly delighted by what I found in my Mystery Box. The products were largely made up of full size items. The quality was very high, all products have been or are still being used by me.
Thank you so much for the introduction of products, that I would have otherwise not known existed!!

January mystery box

It was amazing I loved it so much considering going on a yearly plan after this one! Thankyou so much!


I got this for my daughter when she was having a few stressful days. She was absolutely thrilled when the Retreat Yourself Box arrived unexpectedly.
Thank you for helping her smile with your fabulous products.

Loved the summer box that much I bought 2 hehe!

Firstly I started off purchasing a mystery box & was really amazed by the variety of products. So then I decided to subscribe for a 3 month retreat box, let’s just say; The summer box did not disappoint, I love how each product is curated to reflect self care and 10 pillars of Wellness. Thanks to retreat yourself box I have discovered some amazing brands such Kez’s kitchen goodies, those brownies taste amazing.. you can’t stop at just one, you have been warned ;) Coast Sydney Botanicals, their detox serum works wonders, my skin appears more refreshed,I am prone to less breakouts since using and more glowing skin! I can’t wait to see what the Autumn box has in store, super keen as a bean! 🥰🥰

#HealthyBadGrownUp Here We Come

I have been doing some reflecting on Life, the Universe and Everything recently, particularly my little part in all that. Made the decision to work on The Self and the ideas I had in mind; well... Instagram must have heard me as suddenly there was an ad for the 8 Week Wellness Reset toolkit. Bought it. Started last Monday. First week was a bit of a disaster in terms of LUE, but... I had set the goals for The Self and this helped me get through it in a state of hysterical laughter instead of retreating to the Bed of Denial and Avoidance. Just the right tools to help one get and/or maintain some perspective while on the path to being, what I call myself, a Healthy Bad Grown Up! Thanks Retreat Yourself! Looking forward to my first subscription box next month too. It mails out on my birthday, so I figured signing up for that was destiny too!

Feel like it’s my birthday again

I love getting the mystery box. It never disappoints and I feel like it’s my birthday and I’m a kid again. I always love receiving the products and them testing them out. I would buy them every week if they were available !!!!

Loving it

I was very happy to receive my Retreat Yourself Box in the mail, was lovely opening up the box to find some cool surprises, products and info. My son loves the icey poles, my man loved the smelly spray, and my favourite product was the face serum and the drink bottle is super cool

Just what I needed

They are beautiful useful and needed things 😍, thank you so much for my past delivery

A little bit of awesomeness

As a mom of 3 teen girls still at home, the mystery box has given us all something new to try. We all got very excited upon arrival.

Amazing products!!

I decided to get the subscription as a little something for me and absolutely love all the products in the box!!!

Retreat Yourself

What a brilliant idea! I bought my first one for a staff members birthday gift. It's like the gift box that never stops giving. Thank you for such a great concept. I will definitely be buying more for staff, family and friends!

Treat ‘yo self

I first came across this box toward the end of the season so I had seen all the items it contained before I bought it. I love the range of items and full size products for me to try that really allow me to pamper myself in small ways. I also felt I got good value for my money. I can’t wait for the next one!

The best gifts

I love all these boxes, especially to give as gifts! All my friends & family now receive them from me & I get just as excited to see what they get!

Loved it💕


The Mystery Box was absolutely amazing. Each and every one of the products I received is just divine. The timing of the boxes arrival was spot on. I can’t wait for the next one.


Glad I found this awesome box


Fab products to help make every day absolutely fabulous! Love the anticipation of opening that mystery box


This has been the best thing I've ever bought myself loved everything in the box
And used it all-

I felt like I was at a resort

I was home alone recovering from surgery when I ordered my first box 😊
My husband is unwell and was unable to care for me - so when this box arrived I felt like a new woman!
I loved being able to share (just a few) pieces with my daughters 😊
I have recommended This to everyone!
Can’t wait for my next box to arrive.
Being a carer as well as a wife, mother and employee is really difficult- I hadn’t realised how much I needed the treat.

Birthdays sorted this year!!

I recently received my Retreat Yourself box, it was very exciting.. I loved the products.
I loved it that much, I ordered one for my daughter’s birthday, which arrived to her on the day of her birthday. She was really happy with the quality of the products and that everything was all natural!!
I will be ordering for my other daughter’s birthdays this year also.
Thank you for a great idea xo