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My Time For Myself

I havae just had my last suscription box delivered and love all the prodsucts. I ahve done the "spa" me time, the facial cleansing oil was new to me but I think I can be converted. The pomegranate facial scrub smelled good enough to eeat. I am hoping to re new my subscription when funds are available.

Oh wow 🤩

What a great excuse to spoil yourself & things you aren’t 200% sold on, make for wonderful gifts to spoil others annnnnnd it’s like Christmas. So glad I bought this!!!

Seasonal Subscription
Karen Pearn
A box of greatness

Wow. This box is awesome, I was pleasantly surprised thank you. Loving everything in this box and can’t wait to see what’s in the next one, but I am going to have fun retreating with all the goodies this month.

Great gift or "on off" spoil yourself box

I loved my first Retreat Yourself Box and immediately signed up for a year. The second box was still great - a second face mask and cleanser was okay and there were some interesting new things. On opening the third, I felt a little bit of deja vu, but there were still some great products. This one was a bit disappointing - there really wasn't anything "new" that I was exited about. I have one more box on my subscription and I cannot see myself renewing. I think maybe as a "one off," a gift, or maybe "once per year" I would really recommend these but there are too many similar products for me to get exited this time.

Love my box!

I have received 2 boxes now. I love having some lovely skin care products and treats that are just for me 😊

Seasonal Subscription
Trish Carter

Love opening the box and find the wonderful surprises within. It’s great fun tasting and exploring all the products . Finding new items that may not have normally been discovered. The cards and extras are inspiring. I appreciate the descriptions of the products and where we can get more . Thank you.

Seasonal Subscription
Dannielle MacKenzie
Love it!!

Love the concept, love that you are showcasing Australian products/businesses, loving my 1st box, thanks!!! :)

Seasonal Subscription
Marnie Quon
Winter made Wonderful

The Winter Retreat Yourself Box is wonderful!!

I held a Self Love Sunday today with my girlfriends & shared the beautiful products with foot soaks & scrubs & facials

Retreat Yourself Box Gift
Kimberly Watts
Retreating for the Better

To be honest, this year has been hard. I'm under constant pressure from my full-time work as well as from my university studies. As a result, I often forget to take time to care for myself properly. I felt like I was just going, unaware that the break were on and I was about to crash until I got this box. I realised how run down I was and how I needed to put things inplace to care for myself better. This box help me more than I can say. It gave me ways to care for myself. To make me feel better about myself. It taught me different healthy recipes which so far have been delicious. It gave me ways to do small little self care moments through out the day, such as cleaning my face and using rejuvenating serum, or to use a soft body brush. This box, as silly as it sounds, helped me slow down and retreat. It's definitely been what I needed.

Fun treats

Loved the options, new brands and discoveries of new products, treats, and wellbeing items. Always something to plan time to open and explore the wonders to be found within!:)

Seasonal Subscription
Anne Wakely
Best Gift!

I bought this for my Mum for her 70th and she absolutely LOVES it!! It really is the gift that keeps on giving!! Thanks RY, it's fantastic x

Retreat Yourself Box Gift
Karolina Szydlowska
The perfect gift to remind your best friend to look after herself

My best friend loves samples and trying new hair and beauty products, and anything health related, to be honest. She really enjoyed this lovely surprise. It was like a treasure hunt discovering all of the products.
She’s always been there for me throughout Covid, although she’s in another state. It’s nice to remind her to take some time out for herself, too.

Yearly Subscription
Samantha McCoy
A little retreat for me!

Receiving my seasonal box is a big event. The anticipation of what gorgeous products I’ll receive has changed the way I clean with less chemicals, have found more healthy snacks and then all the luscious products to give myself a pamper. Just love the boxes and cards xx

Seasonal Subscription
Tracy Purcell
Great value

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of items in the box and the quality. I will have to share with my daughters to use everything. Needless to say they love me and the box!

Seasonal Subscription
Suzanne McPhee
So excited

It was so exciting to receive a parcel box full of goodies that you have no idea of what’s in the box. A lovey treat just for me. The next box I might even gift to someone needing a bit of cheering up

Best gift eva

Despite wanting for ages to buy this for myself I had not. But when my budget finally did allow for it, I instead bought one for my sister. She loved it so much. And it meant she could celebrate her birthday for days and days. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in choosing the special products. They all made her feel a million bucks ❤

Susie Seale

I cannot begin to tell you how much pleasure, fun and love your retreat boxes contain (I guess you know this already!) and when they arrived at their destinations more excitement and overwhelm at the splendiferous contents. I sent two as gifts to two beyond busy young mums - who believe me have little time for self-treating, let alone retreating! It’s been a pay-it-forward experience in our family - as we’re all retreating loved ones and friends now too... just beyond best and forever spreading the love 💕

Fantastic gift

I gave this to a friend for her birthday and she loved the idea and all the goodies she received

Seasonal Subscription Full of Goodies

I love receiving my Seasonal Retreat Yourself box, it is always full with new and exciting goodies+ healthful tips
Introduces me with products I wouldn't normally buy

Seasonal Subscription
Emma Marriott
Pamper box

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Such a nice surprise to receive so many goodies that I will love! Especially the essential oil! Loved it! I’m telling everyone about you! I am just so happy I heard about you and look forward to my next surprise parcel!!!!

Discovery Box
Lisa Steele
Amazing box of goodies!!

What a treasure trove of goodies, there isn’t anything I can’t use, It’s nice to be pampered! I’m also enjoying all great wellness info & tips… 😊

Seasonal Subscription
Amanda Saxby
Gorgeous pick me up!!!

After coming home from surgery I opened my box of goodies to the wonderful quote inside the lid which instantly bought a smile to my face. I then went about opening my gift to myself, so many gorgeous treats. I truly look forward to receiving my retreat yourself box and every time it arrives my daughter says “mum your goodies box is here” she also, at 14yo loves to see what’s inside. It’s such a feel good treat that everyone should do for themselves and everything inside the box is a wonderful product that sometimes I’ve heard of or even use and sometimes it’s something new and exciting to try. Every time though I regift something from the box along with some other goodies to my friends in your wonderful box. They think it’s a great idea to reuse the box in this way and it honestly makes me feel so good inside when doing so. I’m currently enjoying a cup of the organic lemon ginger tea as I read your always informative wellness magazine!!

Seasonal Subscription
Alison Troup
A surprising treat

I bought this on a whim and I am really pleased with the box. I am not usually someone who seeks out these kinds of brands nor spend a lot of time looking after myself and the suggested spa day activities have been really refreshing. Thank you!

Seasonal Subscription
Alannah Dower
Winter Box

I have loved exploring everything that's in the winter box. It's given me extra motivation to make time for myself😍

Seasonal Subscription
Katherine Barrett
Treat yourself

Guilt free treats that we all deserve