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The best retreat in years

I would like to start by saying thank you . Thank you to the incredible women behind this life changing idea, who would have thought that a box with products inside would create such an over whelming change in ones life . I have spent so many years worrying about others in my life making sure they are well, fed, clothed, heathy, supported ect. That I never stopped to look at myself and my well being . I felt tired emotionally drained and un loved as I wasn’t getting anything back from all the love and support I was oozing our to others and my family . Until a couple of months ago I was Aimlessly looking through Instagram and came across and add for the retreat yourself box . I clicked on the link read what the team was wanting to achieve by producing a box of healthy sustainable cruelty free goodies and it was at that very moment a light bulb moment happened and I realised I hadn’t been putting myself first for years and years so I signed up paid and waited excitedly for my box to arrive. Fast forward to delivery day and the postman walked into my work and delivered me my box the box that was already changing my life . I was so excited to open it and once I did I had this over whelming sigh of relief come over me like yes Lisa now it’s your time now it’s your turn to retreat your self to show your self love and take time out for you ! And there will be no turning back this little box of incredible goodies has done more for me than I thought it could ever do and to have the support of other incredible wildly amazing women be on the same journey makes me so empowered and happy to know I’m not alone . The products are nourishing and cruelty free so you don’t have to feel guilty for our furry friends the variety and quality far out weighs its self .. thank you thank you thank you for making me realise it’s ok to stop and love your self once in a while my retreat day was perfect and I feel so refreshed and ready for the next steps of the week until the next retreat...

A little box of heaven!

I have only received two Retreat Yourself boxes, and yet I am absolutely hooked!
The products inside are of such high quality and so far, there hasn’t been one thing I haven’t used.
If you are looking for a way to treat yourself, get a little me time or just have something fun and practical delivered to your door - this is it. I recommend signing up, today.

A Winter Life Saver

Perfect mix of products for winter. I was getting a cold the day it arrived so the soup and sinus aromatherapy were serendipitous!

Winter Stars

My first Winter box & wow! I always find that these boxes have a little something for everyone which makes it great for sharing. Creating a wholesome experience or journey as such. Could have used a touch more variety, I understand the means behind all the food products being in the Winter box. However, without the variety the fun of exploring all the new products was short lived. The RY community is amazing none the less though, a good thing here & I love it!

Amazing, the ultimate self care gift!

I cannot rave enough about the Autumn box, it was crammed full of beautiful carefully curated pieces, beauty, self care, snacks. I have been loving trying all the products and enjoying taking some “me time” every day now. loVe love love these!!!

Perfect way for busy mums to have some regular self care

I received my first Retreat Yourself box recently as a mother’s day gift. It couldn’t have come soon enough. I was feeling so burnt out from working with disadvantaged children as a teacher and then coming home to care for my own family. The Retreat Yourself box gives me the opportunity to take a few minutes each day, just for myself. Whether it is a yummy treat for dessert, a facial or hair treatment, or reflecting on my life, every item in the box was such a treat. These little moments each day have rejuvenated and reenergised me, I’m no longer trying to pour from an empty cup. My family and my students are both benefitting from the little jump in my step. Thank you! I’d highly recommend these boxes.

loved the variety and products

Awesom box of trays

The samples were really good size, and lots of different things. From vitamins to peanut butter to body scrubs. Nice quality products too.

My friend loved it!!!

I purchased a winter box for a friend who LOVED it! I’ve been eyeing these beautiful boxes off for some time, no idea why I waited so long to purchase. The delivery was super speedy & I got updated texts until I saw that it has been delivered to my friend. From the photos I received it was FULL of amazing nourishing goodies. Will definitely be purchasing more. Thank you :)

Full of surprises!

I don't know why I did not subscribe sooner. So many varied, beautiful, useful and ethical products. Like a one stop shop in a box. I don't have to leave the house to find the nourishment, serenity and pampering I have been missing. Thank you for making me stop, relax and enjoy the simple rewards I never give myself. I am spreading the word to ladies who are missing out on an opportunity to be Just a bit selfish, and spend time making it all about YOU! Truly a wonderful experience that will continue to surprise you as you experiment and embrace new products and brands.

Self love

I have loved the opportunity to try new products and to put time into looking after me instead of my normal routine of looking after everyone else.

My sparkle

I came across retreat yourself during a very low time in my life. My partner had left me, I could no longer see my step kids and I had lost my sparkle. Joining the retreat yourself community has taught me to take care of myself, make time for my health and well-being, all of which has brought my inner glow back. I now have the courage to make not only my life better, but the lives of those around me. Thank you xx

Quarterly box of goodies

Signed up for Retreat Yourself box & I received my first one recently. I was really impressed. I loved the variety of low fox products and I loved how you also get guidance on how to incorporate these products into your daily/weekly routine & some tips on how to create a retreat like vibe in your home! Such a sweet and useful idea. So many ppl are so stressed out these days and to create a relaxing vibe within our home is so important. I am heavily pregnant at the moment and I have a very active little 2 year old daughter to look after so the products within the box are great for my wind down ritual of an evening when I get a little bit of me time! I wish the boxes came monthly as I already am so excited for my next box to arrive. I am definitely going to buy friends and family subscriptions of the Retreat me box for birthdays/special occasions, as I feel every important lady in my life needs one of these and I really want my family & friends to also get on the low tox product bandwagon :)

Great gift!

I signed my mum up for retreat me box for mothers day delivery was super fast even in rural Tasmania and mum was excited to get something just for her (as a mum of 5 she doesn't often get things just for herself) so I was happy to be able to gift her something so nice.

Broken coconut bowl

The box is fantastic and probably one of the favorite subscription boxes I’ve received. I only did 4 stars because my coconut bowl was broken in my last box. A new one was supposed to be mailed to me and I never received it. Other than that I am very happy!


Absolutely love the quality of products that come with the box. I look forward to my next one 🙌🏼

Love love love

I've received 2 retreat boxes and both have been absolutely amazing, so many amazing goodies packed into one box. (That's a lie actually there was so much in the last box it didn't all fit 😍🙈😂) can't wait for the winter box to ship!

Incredible Self Care

What a more beautiful way to self care than with a Retreat yourself box!! I’m in love and totally needed this !!

Great products!

I found all the products wonderful and the guide was amazing

Extremely nourishing and creative

Opening the box I was absolutely blown away. The products were of amazing quality and many I had never used before. Some of them I've loved so much I had to get more!

I also loved the idea of having a retreat day with your own schedule to take you on you're own little luxe retreat right from the comfort of your own home.

Absolutely obsessed with the boxes now!

We looked for a novel, healthy & exciting gift...and we found it!

Buying gifts for friends and family has become so difficult and my daughter's and I are forever looking for gifts that will truly be appreciated, fun to open and actually used! The appreciation was through the roof when we recently gifted the Retreat Yourself Gift Box, we all had SO much fun looking at and learning about all the pruducts enclosed.


The retreat box exceeded my expectations!!!
Not only did I have a delightful, relaxing and nutritious ‘retreat day’, I’ve also implemented a lot of the ideas from the retreat plan aswell as the products into my everyday routine.
I’ve been using the lavender oil I received in the Autumn box every. single. night. It’s an absolute dream (quite literally).
Already hanging out for my next box!!! ❤️


Cannot fault this amazing box, it has so many different types of health benefits amoungst it, honestly I didn’t even know where to start when I opened the box up.... from the tasty treats to the wonderful bath salts, I’ve actually felt like I’ve been at a day spa in my own home! So thankyou thankyou thankyou!! Have enjoyed every bit! Cannot wait for the next one already!


Cannot fault this amazing box, it has so many different types of health benefits amoungst it, honestly I didn’t even know where to start when I opened the box up.... from the tasty treats to the wonderful bath salts, I’ve actually felt like I’ve been at a day spa in my own home! So thankyou thankyou thankyou!! Have enjoyed every bit! Cannot wait for the next one already!

Autumn Retreat Yourself box- loving it!

The Autumn 19 box was my first purchase of Retreat Yourself and I have been so excited to receive this. I love the range of products as it really makes sure you are treating yourself through your health, mind, movement and spirit. The booklets come in so handy and really gives you ideas on how you can create a self care day using all/most of the products in the box. I have kept everything I can in the box so when I make the time to treat myself, I am creating the same joy and excitement each time looking through the box of goodies. Such great value and will look at purchasing these as gifts for my friends as it's such a great idea.