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We’re a seasonal health retreat in a box, that’s delivered to your door at the start of each season (every 3 months) to remind you to relax, refresh and renew and to prioritize looking after you.

We curate up to $200 worth of our favourite natural & organic health, beauty, wellness and fitness products (mainly full-sized) and do the research on just how good they really are – so that you don’t have to.

We want you to feel INSPIRED, so we also bring together some of Australia’s best nutritionists, naturopaths, wellness coaches & fitness gurus to create our seasonal wellness magazine which also features in the box.

To really encourage you to Relax, Refresh & Renew, our team of health professionals put together a seasonal ‘Retreat Day Exclusive Plan’ – giving you step by step instructions on how to use the products to create a day retreat at home.

We package it all up and ship it to your door at the start of each season (every quarter) so that you can relax refresh and renew.

Retreat Yourself is not just a box full of products. It’s a full retreat experience. A game-changer. A self-care revolution.

Remember, you are worth every minute you spend on you.

Retreat Yourself.

Kate’s Story

My whole life I’d had a burning desire to help people ‘be happy’, and when I left New Zealand at 20 years old to study the world instead of going to university, the inspiration started to be collected from many different corners of the world.

Spending time living, backpacking and volunteering in places like Africa, Nepal, India, Central America and Asia opened my eyes up in ways that university never could.

It wasn’t until I found myself working in a corporate job in Melbourne at the age of 26 (after a slight ‘1/4 life crisis’  that I’d been traveling for too long and needed to find myself a “good” job), that I started to have a clearer idea of how I wanted to help people.

Working in the corporate world was a big change for me and adjusting to this way of life was an uncomfortable but necessary transition. Being the traveller that I was, I had to adjust to putting on business attire, attending professional meetings and the 9-5 grind.

I knew that my job was what society deemed as ‘successful’ but I was unhappy. After a few months of working in this role I started to see first-hand, the hamster wheel of the modern world. The groundhog day of getting up, going to work, eating unhealthy foods for temporary happiness, spending earnings on ‘stuff’, feeling over-stressed, over-worked, and unfulfilled day after day, after day. And for what?

Part of my role was to get to know my corporate clients and I soon started to realise the HUGE amount of people who are living life blindly, not realising how much more healthy, happy and fulfilled their lives can be.

I soon saw how riddled our society is with anxiety, depression and stress, yet opportunity is waiting at every corner.

I soon realised how blinded we are by fear: fear of the unknown, fear of not having enough money, fear of not being ‘good enough’. Thinking that we need to do, be, think and act a certain way to be ‘happy’ – when an actual fact, everything we’re doing is having the complete opposite effect.

I began to see how many people wake up on a Monday morning, counting the days until the next weekend, or return  from one holiday to already be planning the next.

Wasting the days away in the hopes of better ones ahead.

I knew I needed to do something about this, so I quit my corporate job, I studied holistic nutrition, I travelled for another year and then returned to Melbourne to study personal training. I wanted to start a life coaching business but there seemed to be a stigma around coaches and I wanted to reach people on a much larger scale.

Then one day while I was sitting at my kitchen table working on the blog I had at the time, the idea just came to me. “How amazing would it be if I could create this ‘retreat in a box’, which supported small Australian brands – those people who have also quit their secure salary and faced the fear of the unknown to do what they love – while inspiring people to slow down, de-stress, be healthy, happy and use natural and wholesome products, all whilst having a bit of fun and creating excitement in these people’s lives!?”.

I knew the name, I knew what it was going to look like, I knew what it would smell like.

So that day I wrote a business plan and haven’t looked back.

Retreat Yourself is so much more than just a box that’s delivered to your door. Retreat Yourself has been created to inspire you to live fully, to prioritise self-care, and to make the most of this life we’ve been given. Both on the brand front and the customer side of things.

I want you to experience the same feelings you get when you’re on holiday, in your everyday life. The health, the happiness, the mindfulness, the gratitude, the absence of fear.

I want you to refill your cup so that you have the energy to do what you love instead of wasting time and money on things that don’t matter.

I want you to truly believe in yourself and recognise the incredible opportunities we have offered to us in this country.

When you begin to look after yourself, believe in yourself and see things from a different perspective, there’s no turning back.

Your experience of life will completely change. You’ll start to enjoy your days that much more.

Because when all is said and done, all that really matters is how presently you live, how much you love, and that you make the most of the time that you have.

You are worth every minute you spend on you.

With so much love, 

Kate x