Why Your Fifth Sense Is So Important!

February 25, 2020

Why Your Fifth Sense Is So Important!

Whether you utilise it in your everyday life or just every now and then, scent is such a powerful tool.

It can be used to uplift our mood, to help lull ourselves to sleep and it can even bring old memories back to life. 

So it should be no surprise to you to read that we have been spritzing our Blossom Brew room spray around the office a lot this summer. This spray genuinely smells like summer in a bottle and we have no idea how owner Daniella Verlaque did this, but we absolutely cannot get enough of it!

When Daniella said she wanted to share a bit more about Blossom Brew and why scents are so powerful, we couldn't wait! So join us as we learn a little more about our fifth scent... 

Have you ever walked into a bakery and automatically been taken back to a childhood memory of fresh pastries and delicious sweet donuts, or smelt the hint of perfume on a stranger and automatically been taken back to what cuddles with Grandma smelt like?

Well that is because the sense of smell is linked with memory, and in fact, more closely than any of our other senses. How amazing is that!

Some say that childhood memories linked to scent stay with people throughout their life. You have probably caught yourself saying you remember the smell of a childhood home or when mum would cook something scrumptious that lingers throughout the house.

That's why Blossom Brew created a range of room perfumes with delicate chosen notes designed to not only fragrance a room but to help create a lasting memory.

Scent can have amazing effects on mood, stress reduction and sleep enhancement.A mossy or woody fragrance exudes earthiness, while a musky scent allures sexiness. Lavender and Jasmine are best known for their relaxing and calming effects whilst peppermint can aid in awaking and perking your mood up!

Ifyou're ever in the mood to jump into your trackies and get some house work ​done,then spritz some ofBlossom Brew's French Farmhouse Room Perfume, with notes of mandarin, violet and vanilla; it’s the perfect chill out and mood booster fragrance.

Each of Blossom Brews four unique scents, Country Couture, Fruits in the Forest, French Farmhouse and Wild Roses have been crafted to create an ambience, feeling and memorable smell.

To help celebrate the change in seasons, Sparkling Watermelon is a limited-edition fresh burst of summer in a bottle. The hint of watermelon, zesty citrus and sparkling dewy greens will bring you back to the feeling of summer as a child, running under a sprinkler with fresh cut fruit and fizzy lemonade from mum.​

So go on - use the Sparkling Watermelon room spray to help create some new memories this summer!

A little more about Blossom Brew

Blossom Brew is a handcrafted, bath and skin care range dedicated to providing products using natural ingredients without containing harsh chemicals and was established in 2016 by Daniella Verlaque.

The 34-year-old lives in Romsey, a small country town in Victoria, along with her partner and three little darling boys.

Daniella produces, creates and designs all of her products from scratch which are carefully made in small batches in her very own studio.

She believes it’s important to have healthy skin and to take time out for yourself in order to live a happy and healthier lifestyle.

To discover Blossom Brew's face, bath and body range, visit their website:  https://blossombrew.com.au/ and for an exclusive RY Discount, use code SUMMER15 at checkout for 15% off storewide (Expires 29th Feb 2020). 

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