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Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

June 17, 2017

Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

The great Australian summer has well and truly come to a close and winter has graced us with its presence…our swimmers are crammed back into that one draw in the wardrobe and our beach towels have been neatly folded in the linen cupboard for brighter days.

The wintertime can be beautiful with its warm teas, thick blankets and even thicker scarves. However the winter months can also be a little…dull, and we often feel a little bit more ‘bleh’.

These ‘bleh’ symptoms may in fact be an indication of something a little more serious going on in the body, most likely a Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is the essential nutrient that we get from the sun’s UV rays and it has amazing benefits for our physical, mental and emotional health. This explains why during the summer we are typically more active and social, going for walks, beach swims and Instagram-worthy brunches with our girlfriends. In winter however when we are not as exposed to the sun’s natural light we can experience a number of side effects that have become all too familiar…


It seems like everybody is sick in Winter, except for the odd friend who somehow manages to dodge it. What if we could let you in on their secret? They’re probably supplementing with Vitamin D to boost their immune system and avoid disease.


A lack of Vitamin D can actually cause some issues in the gut as the secretion of certain digestive enzymes and functions becomes distributed.


When we’re lacking in Vitamin D we aren’t always the most pleasant people to be around…our mood balances and emotional state becomes “touchy” to say the least and we often find ourselves feeling blue.


One of the most detrimental effects of a Vitamin D deficiency is the impact on our natural hormone production. Without properly functioning hormones our body is in all sorts – impacting mood, digestion, immune function and stress management.

Unfortunately these symptoms have become common place during our Winter season but the good news is: this year is going to be different! Why? Because we know the importance of Vitamin D supplementation.

There are a number of ways to increase your body’s production of Vitamin D including natural alternatives such as diet adaptation, UV light exposure and supplements. The most effective and convenient options are NATURAL Vitamin D supplements like the Vitamin D3 + K offered by Purahealth. These high quality, natural sourced and minimally packaged capsules pack a powerful punch of specific vitamins and formulated minerals to support the body’s production of Vitamin D all year round and are especially protective against the Winter blues. Give it a go and see the results for yourself, winter mightn’t be that bad after all…

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