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Meal Prepping Made Easy

September 08, 2019

Meal Prepping Made Easy

There's no better feeling than starting a fresh week knowing you're prepared and ready to take on the world!

But we all know it's not always that easy, especially when we have to find the balance between work, exercise, eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, our social life, spending time with our family and running any errands that may come up.

We can't exactly help you organise your social life or your take on your workload but we can teach you our secrets to meal prepping which helps us to free up more time during the week. 

A lot of people feel intimidated by the words 'meal prepping,' but the trick is to be organised, choose your recipes ahead of time and break it down. So here are our handy tips to tackle each meal.  

Our breakfast prepping tips

It's easy to start the day off right when breakfast is waiting for us in the fridge! This is why we love making chia puddings and overnight oats because they are jam packed with goodness and can last for several days in the fridge. Pick your milk of choice, a hint of maple syrup and add extra berries for a bigger flavour hit and your breakfast is started off right!

Our lunch prepping tips

There's a few lunches on rotation in the RY office which are healthy and help keep us full all day. By portioning your lunches into containers you will be able to store them neatly in your fridge, keep them fresh and make lunch a complete breeze. We always alternate between leafy veggie salads with a can of tuna, big green smoothies packed with organic protein powder or hearty vegetable soups. Storing these meals in recycled jars (like pasta sauce jars) is not only practical but makes your lunch so pretty. 

Our dinner prepping tips

Having a few simple and nutritious dinners on rotation can make a real difference after a busy work day. Meals like Thai curries, veggie pasta bakes or stir-frys are really easy to make in bulk, freeze well and can be jam packed full of extra veggies so you can really get some extra nutrients in.

You can even try baking some roast veggies at the start of the week so they just need a quick reheat in the oven again and it makes a great side to any dinner. 

Have a quality back up in the pantry 

For the days when you've run out of time and the fridge is looking a little bare, we reach for the Mr Lees noodles. These no-nasties noodles in a cup are crafted to authentic recipes and made using the finest freeze-dried ingredients, rice noodles and skillfully developed premium spices.

They're also one of the markets lowest in salts, sugars, fats (saturated), calories with no nasty chemicals, MSGs, additives or colours which is why they're the perfect pantry essential.

If you want to learn more about Mr Lee's noodles and their delicious range check out their website: https://www.mrleesnoodles.com/au/

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