Home & Beauty Tips with Tilley Soaps

January 20, 2021

Home & Beauty Tips with Tilley Soaps

Over the summer we've been playing with Tilley Soaps and have been having so much fun finding new and unique ways to use them, along with the old classics! Here's what we've been up to.

Freshen Up Your Home

2020 wasn’t exactly a year for entertaining, but as Covid restrictions lift and we start to welcome guests back into our homes, we have some tips to help you freshen up and style one of the most important rooms in the house (the bathroom!), without splashing the cash. 

  1. Keep it simple with minimal clutter 
  2. Add a signature scent using a Reed Diffuser or Ultrasonic Diffuser and pure essential oil
  3. Bring the space to life with a touch of greenery 
  4. Add a pop of colour with one of Tilley Soaps bright coloured Rough Cut Soaps
  5. Treat your feet with a luscious rug

Soap Brow’s

Our Classic White Rough Cut Soaps are already a household beauty favourite, but did you know that they can also be used to create natural and full brows?

This trick of the trade is being used by industry insiders, but is simple to follow at home with just a mascara wand and a bar of soap! 

  1. Using a disposable mascara wand, lightly wet the brush with water and avoid any drips. 
  2. Rub the wand over the bar of Tilley Rough Cut Soap. 
  3. Gently brush the product through your brows in an upward motion for feathery brow perfection!  

With over 150 years of manufacturing experience, Tilley Soaps knows a thing or two about soap. And we truly believe ‘What is in the soap counts!’It is no secret that we all love floral, sweet, and fruity fragrances that smell amazing, but we at Tilley think it is what goes into our soaps that makes them so special!

We carefully blend sustainable palm and coconut oil, purified water, sea salt, fragrance, vegetable glycerin with added natural Vitamin E and shea butter in each of our Tilley zero waste Rough Cut Soaps.

Our soaps not only help to break down germ-carrying oils and bacteria, while leaving your skin enriched, clean and moisturised, they are also full of healing properties and anti-inflammatory fatty oils that can help reduce the signs of ageing... BONUS! 


You can check out Tilley Soaps' full range of beautiful skincare on Tilley Soaps and follow them on Instagram or Facebook at @tilleyaustralia for more information about their products. They've also shared an exclusive discount code with the RY community: RYSUMMER for a free 45mL Hand & Nail Cream of choice when you spend $50+ until 01/03/21*

*Simply select the 45mL Hand & Nail Cream you’d wish to receive, when placing your order, then enter code RYSUMMER on checkout.

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