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Healthy AND Convenient Meals? We'll Show You How...

June 22, 2017

Healthy AND Convenient Meals? We'll Show You How...

There a reason why the hashtag #mealprep has over 5 million tags on Instagram, and that’s because the vast majority of people simply don’t have the time (or the inclination) to cook three meals a day in their own kitchen. And while our modern food culture is slowly offering to support the growth of healthier food chains and options, these take-away meals often leave much to be desired in terms of taste, substance and overall nutrition.

Almost every personal trainer or nutritionist that you visit these days will prescribe some sort of meal planning and preparation as part of their program, and this is because they have seen that time and time again – it works! By planning and batch preparing your meals on one day of the week – typically a Sunday – you have set yourself a very clear direction for the week ahead, and if for no other reason than convenience, or the fact that you have already invested your hard-earned money in these meals, you are far more likely to eat at least 80% of them. And with a bare minimum of 80% of your weekly intake of food being from high-quality, nutrient-dense sources, it’s obvious that you will look, live and feel better than when lunch comes from the vending machine down the way, or the café downstairs that charges $25 dollars for a salad guzzled in some unidentified oil substance.

But if you hate cooking? Or simply don’t care to spend your Sunday in the kitchen when you could enjoy brunch with your girlfriends instead?

This is a dilemma that many of us face, we love the idea of meal prep, we really love the hashtag but when it comes to the investment of our time on the weekend….a brunch worth uploading to Instagram is likely to win out.

So what if we told you that there was a new way to meal prep, that took a fraction of the time, tastes just as delicious and spares a whole lot washing up? You would be interested wouldn’t you?

The secret lies in finding ready-made meals and products from a reliable source that you trust. And if you’re like the large majority of people whose mother refuses to cook them freezer meals, boy have we got the solution for you!

We’re letting you in on 3 of our most reliable, delicious meal prepping fairy-god-mothers and explaining just how easy it is to have your health goals come true.

 1. Jimmy Black’s Black Bean Protein Powder (www.jimmyblacks.com.au)

If you’re like us and practically run out the door each morning then you need to have a pre-prepared breakfast smoothie in the fridge and ready to go.

We prepare our smoothies for the week by adding all of our dry smoothie ingredients into zip lock bags and storing them in the freezer so that in the morning all we have to do is empty the sachet into the blender, add milk and we’re ready to go!

Our favourite combination at the moment is: 1/2 Banana, a handful of Spinach, Coconut Milk and a scoop of Jimmy Black’s Black Bean Protein Powder for a superfood hit and a high dose of protein to keep us fit and firing all the way until lunch time.

2. Celebrate Healthy Soups (www.celebratehealth.com),

Now that the winter is getting colder, we’re absolutely loving these ready to go soups packed full of organic veggies and powerhouse nutrition. Not only to these taste great but they also aid in detoxification, offering your gut a much needed rest from harder to digest foods such as animal proteins, nut and seeds.

3. Teff Tribe Pancake Mix (tefftribe.com.au)

Every week we personally choose to invest the time that we would have spent meal prepping by treating ourselves to the ultimate Netflix and chill session, accompanied by the world’s best homemade pancakes.

Teff Tribe has developed a Gluten-Free, superfood alternative to regular flour that produces some of the fluffiest, and versatile pancakes we have ever had, and the process couldn’t be simpler!

Simply empty a single sachet of pancake mix into a bowl, add an egg (or banana) and milk, whisk and lightly frying, flip and serve!

We hope that with these insider tips have shifted your perspective on meal prepping and made it very clear that you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen every Sunday cooking to enjoy healthy, delicious meals throughout the week. By outsourcing all of the hard work to reliable producers and brands you get to keep your weekends to yourself, and enjoy the extra time in other ways…like netflixing, chilling, and brunching.

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