Head care VS Hair care?! Learn all about the importance of head care with OMIT founder Joe Ribera...

May 18, 2021

Head care VS Hair care?! Learn all about the importance of head care with OMIT founder Joe Ribera...

When we first met with OMIT Headcare founder Joe Ribera, he spoke to us about how so many of us - and the brands on the market - are focusing hair concerns such as; dandruff, hair loss and oily hair on just that, the hair! But, what about the scalp? Joe, and the OMIT brand believe caring for our hair actually starts at the scalp (hence being OMIT Headcare)! OMIT offers a natural solution to the large number of people for whom scalp health is the root of the problem - pun intended!

So we asked Joe to explain more to us, why is scalp care so important? How do we care for our scalp at home? 

Below Joe shares with us his answers and more...

What is happening on your scalp directly affects how your hair will look. Basically, a healthier scalp equals more beautiful hair. Your scalp contains a fine balance of delicate micro-organisms designed to keep hair healthy. Conditions such as dryness, flaking, itchiness and even excess oils can all negatively impact scalp health, which can result in hair looking damaged and unhealthy. Just like the rest of your skin, the scalp has its own needs—not only to be cleansed, but to be detoxed, nourished and protected. This is why regular scalp care should be an essential part of your skin and hair care regimen.

You may have heard that environmental pollutants can disrupt your skin—and that’s true of your scalp too. These can lead to an imbalance in your scalp microbiome. Also chronic use of common Anti-Dandruff Shampoos and treatments contain chemicals which cause continued imbalances in the scalp microbiome, creating a vicious cycle ensuring that dandruff and dermatitis will come right back.

If you love working up a sweat, but regularly neglect to shampoo it off post-gym, you could be creating ripe conditions for “bad” microbes to thrive. These microbes release by-products, which cause oxidant stress that can be damaging to the health of the scalps skin. Plus, the surplus oil on your scalp can oxidise, too. Regular and effective cleansing of the scalp and hair is so very important, we recommend detoxing via a deep-cleansing scalp exfoliant such as OMIT Headcare Scalp Scrub weekly, especially if you need to remove a buildup of sweat, oil and styling gunk.

For scalp and hair health, shampoo every two-three days. If you experience itching, flaking and dryness, it may even help to cleanse and condition daily with OMIT Headcare products which benefit both your scalp and hair. Contrary to popular belief, conditioner isn’t only for parched ends; the hair at your roots can also be damaged, especially if the scalp is unhealthy.

Absolutely! A Shampoo brush - also known as scalp massager, scalp massage brush, scalp cleansing brush - is a simple tool that will change your head care routine for the best! 
When you massage your scalp with a scalp brush it stimulates blood flow to the area. Increasing blood circulation can help promote growth of both skin and hair. It may also help strengthen and thicken the hair shaft as new healthy hair grows.
Regular scalp massaging using a scalp brush may also promote skin healing and regeneration because you are stimulating the skin. 
The key though to getting the most out of your scalp brush is proper usage. We recommend gently massaging with the scalp brush 3-4 times a week with the OMIT shampoo brush.


Beyond how well your hair care cleanses, look for skin-enhancing ingredients, too. The OMIT Headcare range is more than just your average haircare range, the products are jam-packed with nourishing ingredients for your scalp, which act like moisturisers similar to the moisturising benefit you get from your skincare products. By detoxing grime, rebalancing and protecting your scalp microbiome and nourishing the skin on your head, you’ll have the healthiest hair you’ve ever had.


OMIT Headcare’s Shampoo Brush was featured in our recent Discovery Box. You can check out the full OMIT range online and use the discount code: RYDISCOVERY for 20% off storewide atomitheadcare.com (one use per customer). 

Joe Ribera is OMIT Headcare’s Creative Director and an award winning stylist. Joe has played an instrumental part in creating the coveted OMIT product range. OMIT boasts an all natural formula, something that was a non negotiable for Joe and the team when first creating OMIT.

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