Dry or Oily Hair? Here’s Your Fix!

March 25, 2020

Dry or Oily Hair? Here’s Your Fix!

Frizzy and dry hair is a girl’s nightmare, but don’t forget the other night terror of oily hair!

Healthy hair needs constant replenishment of essential oils, but some scalps are on the other end of the spectrum.

Whether your scalp is lacking essential oils or produces too much, 18 in 1 have the hair care solution for you.

You may have come across one of their wonderful bottles in your Autumn box! You will have received either theNourishing Moisturising Creme or the Detox Conditioner and both have been working wonders on our tresses at RY HQ. So read on to learn some hair care tips from the experts... 

Tips for dry hair:

Dry hair is more prone to being frizzy because it is usually dehydrated. This is why when the air outside is humid, dry hair will try to absorb as much moisture from the air as possible making you lose your hairstyle.

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, then it usually is naturally drier. However, over-processing your hair with chemicals, using harsh hair care products and your diet can also affect your hair’s texture.

Mending dry hair is not simple or one-sided. It requires dedication, finding the right products for your hair type, and a lot of love so you can achieve that beautiful and smooth hair.

Here are some recommendations: 

  • Choose a sulfate-free shampoo as it can be quite drying on the hair.
  • Try to limit the amount of times you wash your hair in a week to not more than twice.
  • Make sure you use conditioner every time as it helps seal the hair’s cuticle to lock-in the moisture and prevents it from absorbing moisture from the environment in.
  • Deep condition your hair with a Coconut or Argan Oil treatment mask at least once a week for nourished hair that is less prone to damage from styling.
  • To finish, use leave-in conditioners and moisturising creams to create a protective layer on the hair and keep it hydrated.

The 18 in 1 Nourishing range is sulfate-free and includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Intensive Treatment and a Moisturising Crème. Each product is enriched withArgan Oil, Keratin, Panthenol andVitamin E all of which have properties that will help restore your hair’s health and vitality.

Tips for oily hair:

Greasy hair has its benefits. It doesn't get split ends easily, but it also comes with its own fair share of issues such as dandruff, itchy scalp and a lack of volume. Finding an adequate shampoo that removes the excess oils without being too harsh on the scalp could be a challenge.

What you’re trying to achieve is to regulate the production of excessive sebum in the hair which can be produced naturally, by the effects of product build-up or simply from using hair care products that are not suitable for your hair type.

We all want to get that easy-breezy, lightweight yet bouncy shiny hair look, which is one of the many benefits from regularly using charcoal-based hair products. The power ofactivated charcoal is in its ability to absorb toxins from the hair for a deeper cleanse and detoxifying effect. It will help cleanse your hair and scalp and remove product build-up, helping stop your hair from becoming oily as often.

Charcoal treatments are also known for helping fight off dandruff by removing bacteria and excessive oil from the hair. You’ll stop the scratching in no time and be back to wearing your hair in all styles!

The 18 in 1 Detox range helps you win the fight against oily hair. The magic of the Detox shampoo, conditioner and treatment is in its ingredients. The activatedBamboo Charcoal exfoliates dead skin from the scalp and helps purify the hair, theWillow Herb has antibacterial properties to reduce excessive sebum and scalp inflammation, and theKakadu Plum is rich in antioxidants and helps fight free radicals on the scalp.

One of the best things about the range is that it is sulfate-free which your hair will love, and it is 100% Australian made and cruelty-free.

We hope these tips help you achieve the great luscious hair that you’re aiming for. Everyone has their own desired outcome, just test it a little.

And remember, healthy hair is a habit!

You can find all 18 in 1 products at https://amr.com.au/brand/18-in-1/ and for an exclusive RY Discount, use code RY10 at checkout for $10 off storewide (Expires 31st August 2020 - minimum spend $30). 

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