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"Do You Need A Defined Purpose?" with Lauren Minicozzi

November 28, 2019

Lauren Minicozzi is on a mission to empower females to stop defining themselves by their bodies and start expressing self-love. She is on a journey to help females stop themselves going down this toxic cycle and helping them find inner acceptance.

Lauren has recently published a book "A Journey to Health- a body does not define you" in order to inspire females to start loving themselves again and know that a body does not define who they are. She describes her journey in order to resonate with young females out there who are constantly at body shame and continue to compare themselves to those on social media.

This book aims to remove the shame, fear and isolation so many go through and help females find self acceptance and be at one with themselves. 

In this blog, which featured in our RY Spring Mag, Lauren shares her experiences and thoughts on purpose and delves into what is it and does it need to be defined. 

As we become more enlightened. As we become more self-aware. As society starts to shift their consciousness. We are starting to focus on one sole thing. We are starting to get asked one particular question. What is our purpose?

There is a desire amongst society to become more aligned, more attuned and more connected to that internal state. To that internal wisdom. To that internal voice that seems to hold all the answers. And once we connect, once we unlock that voice, we should get the answers to life’s most difficult questions. To life’s most sought after questions. Like what our purpose is- right? To what our mission is? To what our souls’ mission is? To why we are here on this earth?

But what if we just allowed it to be? What if we didn’t have a purpose? That’s right- what if our purpose is to just live? To just breathe. To just be aware. To just be alive. What if we over complicated what our purpose is, and it could be something as simple as just being present? We place so much pressure on defining what ‘our purpose’ is. On what our mission is. On what our soul’s duty is. But why? Why do we feel we need to clench on to something? Why do we feel we need to put a label on our life’s mission? Why do we feel in order to find satisfaction, we need to find that reason? To find that title. To have that name.

Take a moment to reflect on your life. Take a moment to reflect on where you are at, right now. Have you found your so called ‘purpose’? Have you found your so called ‘mission’? Have you found the reason why you are here on this earth? Well guess what- so many of us have no idea. So many of us think we know what our purpose is. Think we can tick that box. Feel like we are not wasting our time. But why do we have to tick this box? Why do we have to have a defined purpose? Why do we have to have a defined mission in order to feel worthy? Why do we feel we have to search for this reason? Why do we feel we need a purpose in order to be accepted? In order to live life. We act like it’s a golden ticket and without that golden ticket we cannot continue the journey. You cannot stay on the ride.

Why do we place so much emphasis on this? Is it in order to feel like we are accomplishing something? Is it for internal satisfaction? Is it for internal fulfilment? Is it to prove to society we are here for a reason? That we are not a waste of space? Are we trying to fill something within? Is there an underlying reason as to why we are craving that title? As to why we are craving that respect from society? From ourselves? Is there a deeper meaning as to why we are wanting to find that purpose? Is there a deeper meaning as to why we feel obliged to have a purpose that will impact someone else?

A deeper wound that is hiding inside. One that holds the answers to why you feel you need a title or a purpose in order to feel worthy. In order to feel like you are on the right track. You shouldn’t need a title to define who you are. To define why you are here. You shouldn’t need to feel like in order to be respected amongst society, you need to have a clear mission. It should be the opposite.

You should be able to just be. To do what you want. If you feel drawn to help people, then do just that. If you feel drawn to entertain people, then do just that. If you feel drawn to just live each day and be appreciative of this, then do just that! You do not need a defined mission. You do not need a defined purpose. You just need to learn to appreciate who you are and know you are worthy of being on this earth. Know you are worthy of living this life. You do not need to create change. By being aware, by being present, by working on yourself, you are already creating change!

Stop focusing on having a defined purpose. Allow yourself to connect within. Allow yourself to just be. Become aware of your internal senses. Become aware of your internal state. Start to raise the sound of your intuition. Start to listen to that inner voice. Find out why you are craving that sense of fulfilment. Find out why you feel you need a title for respect.

Remove the titles. Remove the expectations. Remove the stress. Just be. Sit with yourself. Sit with your feelings. Sit with your thoughts. Start listening. Stop forcing yourself to have a purpose. If you do not have a defined purpose- that’s ok. If you feel you have a defined purpose- that’s ok too. Remove the pressures and don’t feel like you have to find one in order to feel a sense of satisfaction. Know you do not have to have a clear purpose. You do not need titles to feel validated. You do not need others to respect you. You need to respect yourself. You need to listen to yourself. You need to start becoming aware.

Remove the pressures. Remove the expectations. Remove the judgments. Just be.

Allow the be and flow to take place. Allow yourself to ride the waves.

Find inner acceptance. Find the beauty in stillness.

If you would like to learn more about Lauren's journey or to check out her blog head to: https://www.laurenminicozzi.com/

Use retreatyourselfboxfor 20% off her book & self-love diaries!

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