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Detoxify Your Life!

December 02, 2015

Detoxify Your Life!

Samantha Lippiatt, Co-founder and Director of Health and Fitness Travel, experts in tailor-made healthy holidays worldwide shares her top tips to help you detox your life at home and experience the benefits of a healthy holiday right now, feel stronger, happier and more centred with these simple tips.

A break away can offer more health benefits than you may realise, this well-deserved time provides you the chance to focus on your own wellbeing; replenishing your immune system, relaxing your mind and revitalising your energy for the challenges of everyday life, but if you are between holidays here are some ways to help you feel better right now…  


1. Digital Disconnect

    In the age where we are always connected it can be a real luxury to leave your laptop at home, and switch off your mobile to avoid unnecessary distractions when you are on holiday. However you don’t have to wait until you are on the other side of the world to enjoy this, try having a house rule of no devices on a certain week night or if you are up to it, the whole weekend. Reconnect with yourself, those around you and embrace the beauty in nature.

    2. Jump start your day

    We all know regular physical exercise is recommended to keep us in shape but it can also drastically improve your mood and overall happiness, so keeping active is a great way to develop overall wellness. Why not try some yoga before heading to work; Yoga is a great stress-reliever and a fantastic full-body and mind workout that can be done in the comfort of your home and even in your PJ’s!

    3. Heal with healthy food

    When you are on holiday you have the chance to try new culinary experiences and indulge in the best cuisine on offer, but we have some of the best foods in the world right here sot take advantage of your local farmer’s markers and you will benefit from healthy fresh and nutritious fruit and vegetables. The more colourful the food on your plate; the more anti-oxidants and nutrients you are providing your body with.

    4. Positive projection and holiday planning

    The simple art of planning your next trip away creates a more positive outlook, and these encouraging positive thoughts helps us to overcome emotional stress and soothes the mind. Why not put some time for yourself in your calendar and look forward to reaping the rewards for all the hard work you do, after all you deserve it!

    5. Sleep

    When we get stressed out it is very easy for us to forget how important sleep is to our restoring us both physically and mentally, if you often find yourself up late, scrolling through emails or even just your social media sites then try setting yourself a bedtime routine, turn off the screens. Have a warm bath or enjoy a favourite herbal tea. Focusing on important things like eating well, sleeping and personal awareness are key attributes of healthy, happy people.

    Why not purchase this seasons Retreat Yourself Box and practice all of the above for a total at-home retreat experience.

    For more info about a healthy holiday getaway visit www.healthandfitnesstravel.com.au or call 1300 551 353 

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