Combating Dehydration with ROAR Organic

November 20, 2020

Combating Dehydration with ROAR Organic

Why dehydration doesn't just happen when you exercise with ROAR Organics.

Dehydration is not a problem encountered only by athletes in the midst of summer; it’s more common than most people realise and can strike during any season, for any number of reasons. 

We’re all aware that hydration is key after a good workout, but most people don’t realise that simply spending long periods of time indoors with artificial heating or air-conditioning can leave your body and brain depleted and firing at half strength. 

In today’s world, where we’re all working towards big dreams and big goals, we need our brain to be functioning at 100%!  So, it goes without saying that working on your side hustle, embracing your creativity, achieving that coveted healthy glow, or embracing early mornings to tackle the day head on all go hand-in-hand with ample hydration.

Read up on the three powerhouse ingredients found in ROAR Organic that help combat dehydration year-round, then take a pause, rehydrate and get inspired to work toward your goals. 


It's no secret that athletes rely on electrolytes for enhanced performance, but that's not the only time where your body will benefit from them.

  • Electrolytes help hydrate the body, regulate nerve and muscle function, balance blood acidity and help rebuild damaged tissue. At the other end of the scale, electrolyte imbalance can weaken the immune system.
  • Our muscular systems aren’t the only ones that rely on adequate electrolyte levels. Proper functioning of the digestive, nervous and cardiac systems all need these powerful ions.
  • Energy is something most of us could use more of, and keeping electrolytes balanced can help with general fatigue. We’ll take more pep in our step any day!


Think of antioxidants like a shield that protect your body against pesky free radicals that cause cell damage, ageing and illness.

  • Antioxidants are compounds produced by your body when you’re eating a diet abundant in colourful and fresh foods, like fruit and veggies. 
  • These little powerhouses neutralise free radicals, defending you from their potentially harmful effects. 
  • When you're dehydrated, you benefit from the help of these mini shields more than ever.


Contrary to popular belief, B-Vitamins don't give you energy like caffeine would. They do, however, help to convert the food you eat into energy, along with a whole host of other benefits.

  • B-Vitamins support a well-functioning nervous system and have been linked to improving stress levels.
  • Blood production, DNA repair and skin health are all enhanced with B-Vitamins (hello healthy glow!)
  • To avoid that sluggish feeling of dehydration and keep your body functioning at its best, B-Vitamins are a reliable addition to your daily routine.

You can check out ROAR Organic's full range of Electrolyte Infusion products on Buy Naturals and follow them on Instagram or Facebook at @roarorganicaustralia for more information about their products. They've also shared an exclusive discount code with the RY community: RYSPRING for 25% off online until 30/11/2020.

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