Kate here, writing to you from my 14 day self-quarantine!

March 20, 2020

Kate here, writing to you from my 14 day self-quarantine!

Hi there,

How are you? 

I know this is an incredibly challenging time for everyone so I just wanted to check in. 

I really mean it, how are you doing? 

My husband and I have just landed back in Australia from our honeymoon in North America. 

Although we had to cut this adventure short and are now in self-isolation for the next two weeks,  I’m feeling grateful for my hubby (still feels weird to call him that!), my health, my team, my pup, and I’m trying to stay positive and hopeful amidst the chaos and confusion that comes during trying times like these. 

Retreat Yourself was born out of a desire to help support people to be the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.

To make you feel loved, refreshed, nourished, supported, empowered and inspired— during good times and times of stress, grief or heartbreak (we never imagined that this would apply to a global pandemic!). 

But this mission is more important than ever. We are being told that slowing down and taking care of ourselves will literally save lives. 

So we’re here to help you do that. 

And I don’t mean by selling you a retreat box. 

If you’ve got the time and space to engage in a little self-care and enjoy your time at home…or if you want to send a gift to a friend or loved one, of course, we will still be shipping orders and answering any queries you have. (Rest assured we are ensuring our staff and warehouse team are looking after themselves and taking all necessary precautions to stay happy and healthy!

But we understand that this may not be a reality for everyone. 

If I had just had to cancel a family holiday, was stressed about my job, and had kids running around the house who may not be able go to school, the last thing I’d want is someone telling me to relax, reflect, have a snack and do a face mask. 

So here’s how we are here for you (from a safe, social-distance): 


First, we created these Spotify playlists...

This one with chill tracks perfect for some relaxation or productivity time... and this one with some happy dance-around-the-house tunes perfect for when you need a little pick-me-up or think you are about to go insane! 


We’ll be staying virtually connected with each other through our Community and across social channels.

Every day we will be sharing recipes, quotes, fun home-workouts, interesting articles, tips and tricks for staying informed, inspired, happy and healthy through this period.

You can join our Facebook Community here. And follow along @retreatyourself_box on Instagram as well. 


Whether you need a friendly chat, a virtual hug or a shoulder to cry on, we are always here for you! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

We are all in this together and we WILL get through this together. 

Knowing that this too shall pass may not feel particularly uplifting yet. But it will. And we will rise up, stronger and more connected— to ourselves and to others— than ever! 

Sending wishes of good health and lots of love to you! 
Kate xx

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